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Background and story setting for the world of Ave Molech

Traveling the Plains & Death

With the tears of time and space throughout the world, planar travel is common to anyone who knows the locations of these holes in the fabric of the universe. However, since Hybrude dwellings may surround them, Storms are often avoided by those who are not slaves or have little choice but to fly through one […]

The Post Master Message Terminal

In short, the PMMT is a network of electronic terminals capable of interacting with the main database of information stored within Hork. The central database holds records of every citizen who ever lived within its walls as well as the record of anyone who has registered with their offices. The information contained within range from […]

A Brief on Spells & Psionics

With the many schools of power that exist in the world, there is no limit to the type of magic a character could learn, provided he studied at least some form of the appropriate art. It’s also not unlikely that a Mage or Acolyte walking the path of Arcane or Divine spell casting, perhaps after […]


In the world of Ave Molech there exist three types of magic: Arcane, Divine and Ancient. While many players will be familiar with Arcane and Divine magic, it’s important to understand that these are merely modern versions of what is now referred to as Ancient Magic. Ancient magic was the first magic ever used and […]

Magic & Technology

Due to the hardships faced in the past, Ave Molech is a world that long ago renounced its belief in any true god, instead relying on power to come from within ones own being. Through the study of magical nature and new technological advances nothing is ever perceived as divine. Three main forces exist in […]

The Storms

When magic and technology tore the world apart, gaps in the very foundation of what hold the material plane of Ave Molech together were separated. These separations created not only tangible holes within the world, essentially linking various planes of existence with the material plane, but also gateways connecting each one in a chaotic web […]


Because the world is still taking shape after only barely one hundred years, the citizens of Ave Molech use many terms such as city, outpost, village, and town interchangeably. The reasons for this vary, but most settlements started out as strategic outposts to survey the land or launch raiding parties. Now over the years they […]