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Background and story setting for the world of Ave Molech


The main means of transportation in Ave Molech may vary depending on the region in which a traveler finds himself. For instance, within the desert and southern coastal regions it is commonplace for people to be seen traveling on horseless carts between the cities of Hork, New Hus, and the Shore of Onica. However, to […]

Natural Resources

In addition to the highly combustible fuel known as Petroxolin, other unique natural resources exist within the world of Ave Molech. A rare and expensive metal known as Vertabrax steel is always in high demand and the discovery of new deposits of it often yield in making the discoverer extremely wealthy. The reason for its […]


Thanks in part to the Followers of Talon, no city rules over another. And although each of the three domains are referred to as kingdoms by the people of Ave Molech, there is no true individual kingdom in existence. Each city conducts itself according to how it sees fit, whether lead by an established council […]


When the world first fell into chaos, money and wealth lost its influence and for a time those who lived on the surface bartered with one another with skins, herbs, and a variety of crafted weapons. To this day many of the nomadic tribes still use this system when trading with travelers or passing caravans. […]

Business & Industries

A variety of businesses are found throughout the world of Ave Molech, ranging from simple craftsmen, to large corporate conglomerates. Goblin mining ventures in the Sahenix Desert find ores which are then refined into metals and supplied to various cities across the lands. Foresting is another common trade, with many towns and outposts having their […]


While many of the people who have origins leading back to Hork or Gal escaped poverty and recognize the benefits of higher education, for the many nomadic tribes of the world education is something that a child’s guardians would teach him. Because of this there exists a sizeable gap in the level of interaction within […]

Body Piercing

While much of the body piercing for inhabitants in Ave Molech exist for purely cosmetic reasons, there is one that the people of the world wear to remember their history of hiding. Earrings, fabled as symbols of slavery in ancient times upon Ave Molech, are now worn by almost every inhabitant within the world. The […]

Body Art

Tattoos in Ave Molech serve many purposes, the rite of passage to adulthood, marks of status or rank, a decoration of bravery, or even powerful spells woven into their flesh. The etchings in their skin that display a particular motivation are usually placed within specific locations on the body. For example, military marks indicating rank […]


The races of Ave Molech adorn themselves in an array of clothing and accessories, from light cotton shirts and pants to thick leather coverings. Robes and coverings are usually bright and vibrant in color, with dull earth tones worn only by the financially lacking. Loose and comfortable clothing is worn by the majority, with only […]

Religion & Beliefs

One of the fables told by the people of the world is of a powerful god that long ago tested his subjects with trials and tribulation. The idea was, similar to how ore is refined and purified by fire, that his followers were purified by overcoming the obstacles and hardships given them to face. Of […]