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Unique monsters in the world of Ave Molech

The Hybrude Tarea

What the people of Ave Molech know about the Hybrude and what is fact are very different. To the majority of people the Hybrude are viewed as a sometimes chaotic, but inherently evil race. Little is known about their warlike culture other than the blood that has been shed in their wake. Slaves are used […]

Blood Hound

These large dog-like creatures mostly roam the grasslands and plains of Ave Molech, but have been known to occasionally attack caravans passing through the Sahenix Dessert. Often found in packs ranging from four to six, they have a constant hunger and have even been known to turn on each other when food is scarce. Vicious […]

The Witiku

The Witiku are the unfortunate destruction of a living being that dies within the planes of death. Devoid of all thought and unable to create memories, these abominations feed off the living. Though it’s not the flesh they desire, but instead the very essence of life itself. Unable to attain this they live in a […]

Unique Monsters of Ave Molech

The monsters in Ave Molech cover the world, from the plagued infestations of sewer type fiends burrowing beneath the ground, to the flying drakes high above the clouds, any creatures that could have survived in this world most likely has. As with most supplements and campaign settings, Ave Molech brings with it three new burdens […]