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Typical player and character races found in the world of Ave Molech

Heritage Traits

In a world where races have been intermingled it may often occur that a person has more than two or even three types of ancestries. Imagine an occurrence of a Human who marries a Half-Elf from his home town. Their son grows up and runs off with a traveling band of minstrels. Along the way […]


One would think by first appearances that the Sec’Toda are simply Humans who have become pale from their underground existence and have grown a fondness for body scaring. The truth is farther from this than most could imagine. The Sec’Toda are a race of people standing anywhere from around 5’ to 6’ and weigh close […]


Having an ancestry based on Human mothers raped by the fiends that came through the first storms, Tiefling were often looked at as abominations or an abhorrence in the past. With the passing of centuries though, and their blood becoming more mingled with that of Humans, they are now widely accepted, although some Half-Elfs still […]


Goblins in the world of Ave Molech are very different than those found within other worlds. Small and lanky, they often are found with many gadgets worn about their clothing. These creatures have a high proficiency with industrial engineering and all manner of technology. They create the mechanical lifts for cities, Post Master Message Terminals, […]


The flame that burns twice as fast burns twice as bright, and humans with their shortened life spans are no exception. Within a lifetime only a century long they can build kingdoms, conquer distant lands, or bring about peace between two warring nations. The most adaptable of all races, humans are able exist in all […]

The Races of Ave Molech

Those who went above and those who went below were able to enjoy safety and comfort and therefore thrived. Although still taking caution to avoid lands occupied by Hybrude, many races search for the places their ancestors called home and the world is quickly filling with small cities and outposts. Any race that exists in […]