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Organizations & Important People within the world of Ave Molech

The Valisna

New Hus’ current army consists of mostly volunteers who receive tribute from the people of the city and are allowed allowances of food and shelter for their families. More of a large militia than a true army, these band of soldier’s ultimate goal is to keep the city safe, ensuring that no Hybrude come within […]

Order of the Red & Black

With the existence of so many creatures like the Aranea, Barghest and Phasm, many citizens throughout the world of Ave Molech have grown hesitant towards accepting anyone with similar shifting abilities. Those afflicted by lycanthropy are especially at risk. Often killed without hesitation, there is very little in the way of tolerance even though the […]


Within the Goblin-run city of Hork rests the home of the single most influential business in the world of Ave Molech. Having a shop in every major city they are the source of all technological advancements; the Goblinwerks Company boasts of its accomplishments in every avenue of technology in the world. From the simple firearms, […]

Deliverers of Peace

The Deliverers of Peace are an old sect of survivors from the time the first Hybrude arrived to the world. Making use of what little supplies and equipment they had, they remained fearless and fierce, raiding Hybrude camps and rescuing slaves, yet forcefully adding them and any other survivors they found into their makeshift militia. […]

Order of Eclias

The Order of Eclias was founded shortly after the rise of the city of Gal into the heavens. A school of study, its libraries hold the secrets to many of the world’s marvels. Only the brightest and most promising of students are allowed to attend, with no one but the school’s board of directors making […]

Followers of Talon

Though little is known about Talon’s ultimate fate after the crippled Hybrude invasion and Hork being risen out of the depths, many who once followed Sharess had taken it upon themselves to learn as much as possible about this great man. After careful study of his journals and writings, many began to understand his reasoning […]

The Followers of Sharess

Sharess, an ancient black dragon, was once worshipped by her dragonkin in an underground dwelling that had existed for thousands of years. Though her tunnels had been exposed to the surface, her power of illusion and her ability to tear apart most beings with a simple glance allowed her patrons to live in safety. Burrowing […]

The Vaudevillian Guild

The Vaudevillian Guild consists mostly of Halfling, Tiefling, Half-Orc, and Human participants. A diverse band of gypsies, bards, and rogues, this guild travels from city to city, hosting fairs consisting of various acrobatic performances and debauchery. Often shunned by those of high moral standing, the guild tries to breathe life into the poorer sections of […]

The Tempered Bank of Molech

One of the largest and most predominant banks in all of Ave Molech, this corporation has boasted of supplying the most loans at the lowest rates for the last twenty years. Also owning and operating many of the C2C exchange businesses throughout the land, it has made many of its higher-up employees very rich. Even […]

Organizations & Important People

There are many organizations and people within the world of Ave Molech, with the following being only a few of the more prominent ones. Although people may have an allegiance to one, it is not uncommon that the many intermingle with each other, those having similar goals and desires or simply to oust a member […]