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Key geography within the world of Ave Molech

The Northern Jungle

General Size: 316,804 Square Miles Drun’Furum Population: 36,468 Drun’Furum Size: 4.8 Square Miles Along the northern lands of Ave Molech lies a collection of large islands and an overgrown land mass that bridges the gap between the Forgotten Forests and the Ice Plains of Germore. Along the central coasts is a narrow opening that runs […]

The Mudlands

Population: Unknown Size: 173,208 Square Miles To the south of Hork lies an area of poisoned land known simply as the Mudlands. A muddy patch of soil stretching miles in all directions is covered in carnivorous weeds and undead creatures of all kinds are scattered throughout the land. It has been theorized by many scholars […]

The Forgotten Forests

General Size: 475,206 Square Miles Having lived for so many years within the same walls of each other, many races have learned to tolerate one another if not live in harmony. But for some, the lack of a distinct culture of their own pains them, and they seek to learn of their forgotten heritage. It […]

The Ice Plains of Germore

General Population: 42,173 General Size: 158,402 Square Miles Far in the north lies the frozen land that time forgot. The Hybrude rarely attempt travel into these lands, as many are believed to be empty of all but a few life forms capable of surviving the extreme cold. This is the land where Half- Giants and […]

The City of Hork

Hork Population: 223,402 Hork Size: 324 Square Miles Well guarded and the central hub of all civilizations, Hork remains the most diverse city within the world of Ave Molech. In addition to housing millions within its sections below and the source of new technology for the rest of the world, many mining ventures exist around […]

The Shores of Onica

Onica Shores Population: 36,895 Onica Shores Size: 8 Square Miles Along the coastal lands of Hus lies a small outpost built around a mage facility. A connection point between the city of Gal and the surface lands of Ave Molech, it serves as a gateway between these two kingdoms. No one, unless given special permission, […]

Gal’s Floating Cities

Gal’s Population: 89,628 Size: 27 Square Miles The oldest of any city, and the only place completely untouched since the Hybrude invasions, the city of Gal is no longer just the one original city. Instead it now exists as a collection of floating towers and other magic schools that have attached themselves together. Whether by […]

The Coastal Lands of Hus

General Size: 958,402 Square Miles Hus was once a proud and famed city. Its towers reached to the heavens and the populace composed a beautiful and noble tapestry of tradition, wealth, and diversity. The city sat along the shores of the great sea northwest of the deserts of the Sahenix, and its watchtowers looked out […]

The Marshes of Tierely

General Size: 836,412 Square Miles Population: 43,771 Sec’Toda Village Size: 54 Square Miles Long ago when the Arcamic forever reshaped the surface of the world, there came to be a wetland area far to the east where once a crystallized saline lake lay. Now being a thick muddy marsh plentiful in tall grass and reed […]