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Useful background and information for Game Masters, Dungeon Masters

Adventuring Ideas

The Catacombs When the people of the world began to return to the surface, the land North of the Sahenix Desert that brushed against the Coastal Lands of Hus had sunken in. Although not quite a canyon, this depression within the land caused many to worry about the possibility of not being able to construct […]

The Elder God & Creation

There was an instance before time itself when the world of mortals was but a dream of the one true god. No form or shape could describe this god, he was everything at once, yet a void of nothingness at the same time. His appendages could stretch the galaxies beyond comprehension or fold space itself […]

House Rules

These are some rules I go by when I GM my campaigns, you don’t have to use them; in fact many of you reading this will probably not like them. That is alright. They are only here to give you a little bit of perspective on how I go about playing the game. I believe […]

GM Use Only

The following should only be used by a GM; it is a list of miscellaneous ideas and alternative rule sets the writers of this book have thought up. The sections immediately after contain information that the majority of people who live among Ave Molech are completely unaware of and would not be privileged to.