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About the creator, the game and adventures along the way

Assorted Historical Documents

The following are two of the many assorted documents recovered from various excavation points, antique shops, or donated from private collections. While not all are confirmed accurate they help to depict the history of the world from different view points. Originally found in multiple parts they have been combined and translated for the purpose of […]

A Brief History

Until recently the stench of rotting flesh and the burnt remains of a lost history were all that remained of this forsaken realm. Now the lands are beginning to heal as the world discovers itself after centuries of hardships and chaos. A world newly restored after being torn apart by its inhabitants, once condemned and […]

What is Ave Molech

The world of Ave Molech is a land that has passed through the fires of turmoil and destruction, being tempered and remade into a thriving plane of existence. For the past few hundred years the majority of the world’s population has been hiding below ground or floating high above the chaos engulfing the realm. Reestablishing […]

About Ave Molech

Ave Molech is a high-powered campaign set in a postcataclysmic Medieval fantasy world with Steampunk inventions and characters with Wild West attitude. While the world of Ave Molech can be played with any game system we originally developed this game for use with the d20 Modern Role Playing Game and later played campaigns using Dungeon’s & Dragon’s 5th […]