The main means of transportation in Ave Molech may vary depending on the region in which a traveler finds himself. For instance, within the desert and southern coastal regions it is commonplace for people to be seen traveling on horseless carts between the cities of Hork, New Hus, and the Shore of Onica. However, to the north beyond the Marshes of Tierely and into the Forgotten Forests leading to Elowen, the terrain is either too soft for heavy land vehicles to traverse or too dense with vegetation and trees. Because of this the northern regions, and even the far eastern Plains of Germore, rarely see any mechanized vehicles except for the occasional passing airship. Airships carry many of the goods found in settlements back to their larger supporting cities, and in return back to the smaller outposts when sufficient funds are supplied. Although they are large in size, the vertabrax steel and their sophisticated goblin engineering allow them to hover over towns not accessible by typical land vehicles. Lowering supplies down via retractable staircases, or even dropping crates with parachutes attached in times of conflict, these air creations provide a much-needed lifeline to many of the farther away settlements. In addition to the airships that pass overhead, many fishing vessels as well as large sea zeppelins, travel the oceans of Ave Molech. Most cargo vessels carry supplies to and from the settlements in the East, while the smaller fishing ships stay closer to the southern shores for their catches. With the port of Old Hus usually surrounded with galleys from New Hus, few Hybrude ships make it to or from their city, and the ocean is one of the few places few have to fear encounters with them. Ave Molech has many unique means of travel, with more traditional means of travel such as horses and large wolves being very scarce but still existing within the world. The three most common mount types are Cauchemar, jet-black horses with fiery hooves and breath often used by Hybrude, Howlers, large dog-like creatures with quills around their necks, and Sea Cats, a dolphin-like creature with a lion head. The nomadic tribes, the poor, or adventurers exploring the outer edges of the world most often use these means of travel.