Having an ancestry based on Human mothers raped by the fiends that came through the first storms, Tiefling were often looked at as abominations or an abhorrence in the past. With the passing of centuries though, and their blood becoming more mingled with that of Humans, they are now widely accepted, although some Half-Elfs still may be apprehensive towards them. In fact, Tiefling, and even those who show more fiendish features, are generally found to be visually attractive to many Humans and Half-Orcs. Because of this newfound popularity, many are usually flirtatious, and in some cases down right lustful. They take up residence in places where they can easily be the center of attention, even if it is at sensual or seedy entertainment outlets. Tiefling often travel, and although they enjoy the exploration of new places, will rarely visit places where Humans or Half- Orcs are not the predominant race.