Religion & Beliefs

One of the fables told by the people of the world is of a powerful god that long ago tested his subjects with trials and tribulation. The idea was, similar to how ore is refined and purified by fire, that his followers were purified by overcoming the obstacles and hardships given them to face. Of course, like most gods, over the years he was worshipped less and less and has now slept himself into oblivion. Regardless, the fire god Ave Molech was the name people chose to call their newly formed world. The gods of old have long been forgotten or considered dead to many of the people within the world of Ave Molech. When the world was first torn apart many people felt forsaken by their gods, and over the many hundreds of years those living within the city of Hork grew more and more reliant on the technology of the Goblins and the accomplishments of themselves that a self awareness came about with people relying on purely their own innate abilities to get through each day. Because of this, people will hold others of great power or wisdom in high esteem, but never practice any form of worship or organized religious following. With the majority of religious texts lost or abandoned those who do seek to learn of past deities are hard pressed to find any solid information or a coherent collection of material. In addition, any group that attempts to mention the return of the gods or wishing to go back to the ways of the past are usually scoffed at and reminded of how grim things once were. Most believe in a process by which all the different kinds of living organisms developed and diversified from earlier forms of life. The process, called Adaptation, first came into wide acceptance when people began to see the races of their world changing from what many considered “pure” races to mixed-breeds, not a negative term. As people changed and new abilities and power were discovered, it was estimated that given a long enough timeline, with plenty of variation in life style and abilities, the present races would all eventually become something else. Something, they hope, would be far better than what they are now. Whether or not the people of Ave Molech will transform over the next millennia is subject to debate, the idea of a heaven or hell is something easily disproved with the awareness of the plane of death. Many have gone and peered through the Pool of Mortality, or at the very least having heard embellished stories of this overlapping world from other visitors to the pool. This knowledge, that the consciousness of loved ones live on in another form, brings comfort to many people. Though they know of the memory loss that comes with their ethereal bodies the essence of who they are is never truly lost.