Natural Resources

In addition to the highly combustible fuel known as Petroxolin, other unique natural resources exist within the world of Ave Molech. A rare and expensive metal known as Vertabrax steel is always in high demand and the discovery of new deposits of it often yield in making the discoverer extremely wealthy. The reason for its high demand and value is because it is the key metal used in the manufacturing of all Goblin airships. The metal ore, when refined, becomes lighter than air; because of this, when large amounts are placed together, like for the hull of an airship, it becomes necessary for the ship to actually be forced down with weights and its air or rocket propulsion 16 systems, than lifted up with them. Though many have wondered what happens to pieces that have floated up into the sky, most assume they have burned up in the atmosphere and there is little concern that the metal will ever lose its ability to float and fall back down. Another mined ore that the goblins discovered within the mountains of Germore’s frozen land was Cronarium. A very dense metal that, when magnetized, bends the gravitational pull around an object or individual. Even small amounts, such as those crafted into belt buckles, allow people to jump almost ten times as high without injuring themselves when landing. Many powerful fighters who are wealthy enough to afford this luxury find it one of the most valuable assets available to them when fighting Hybrude or any other type of threat. Moon Ivy is another of Ave Molech’s natural resources. Originally thought to have been a plant, this strange metalliclike substance clings to the surface of rocks in an ivy-like manner. Its thin veins appear as vines over mineral deposits, as if it were feeding off of them. When harvested the substance is first scraped and separated from the ore or rock it clings too; its pliable nature allows it to be woven into various light weight clothing such as a leather jacket or even cotton pants. Although it is able to be bent and twisted, it is a substance that is very durable and hard to break apart or puncture, making it ideal for various light armor uses.