Heritage Traits

In a world where races have been intermingled it may often occur that a person has more than two or even three types of ancestries. Imagine an occurrence of a Human who marries a Half-Elf from his home town. Their son grows up and runs off with a traveling band of minstrels. Along the way he meets a beautiful Tiefling who he falls madly in love with and has a child by. This child is now one-eighths Elf, two-eighths Tiefling and five-eighths Human. OH BOY! What does he get as a racial? Certainly his bloodline is too diluted to receive bonuses from all of his previous races, but he’d definitely have some traits unique to him. This is where Heritages come in. Heritages are optional character customizations that can be used when a player or even an ordinary do not predominantly belong to any race. A non race specific player must choose one item from each of the following three sections.

Section 1 – Stats

Characters can choose from one of three options for their stat adjustments. The first option is +2 to a stat of your choice, but with a -2 to another stat of your choice as well. The second is +2 to up to 2 stats of your choice, with -2 to two stats of your choice. If you choose this option, you must include a +1 level adjustment on your character. The third option is no stat adjustment. With the third option, instead of making any stat adjustments, you are able to take an extra feat at level 1.

Option 1 +2 Stat, -2 Stat

Option 2 +2 Stat, -2 Stat, +2 Stat, -2 Stat*

Option 3 +0, +0 / Extra Feat

*+1 level adjustment

Section 2 – Abilities

Choose from one of the following four abilities:

Option 1 Darkvision: 60’

Option 2

Energy Resistance: 5 resistance to either cold,

electricity or fire

Option 3 Any cantrip usable 3/day

Option 4 Any 1st level arcane spell usable 1/day*

*+1 level adjustment

Section 3 – Skill Traits

Choose from one of the following three skill sets:

Option 1 4 additional skills points at 1st level and 1

additional each level

Option 2 +2 bonus to any four skills

Option 3 +4 to any two skill

Section 4 – Characteristics

The size of a non-race specific character can be either Small

or Medium. In addition, his base land speed is always 30 feet.

Section 5 – Languages

A non-race specific character is allowed two starting languages

of his choice, and is able to take any bonus language.

Example Starting Heritage Traits

  • Stat Adjustment: +2 Cha, -2 Str
  • Special Ability: Flare 3/day
  • Racial Skill Trait: +4 bonus to Diplomacy and Gather

Information checks

  • Medium: No special bonuses or penalties due to size
  • Known Languages: Common, Infernal

• Bonus Languages: Any