Thanks in part to the Followers of Talon, no city rules over another. And although each of the three domains are referred to as kingdoms by the people of Ave Molech, there is no true individual kingdom in existence. Each city conducts itself according to how it sees fit, whether lead by an established council of members or some form of monarchy. In most civilized places might still proves right. While Hork continues its practice of council members overseeing the grand scheme of its operations, many of the other cities have elected town leaders, men or women, who speak for the people and handle disputes that arise within town. Coming into power by some great accomplishment, these people can either be passive towards the authority they hold, or aggressive with how they use it to coerce their population. On the other hand cities such as New Hus, who strive to bring some of the old worlds glory back, have chosen to elect a monarchy into power. Although considered a king, his rule is restricted to within his city’s walls. The majority of larger sized cities have selected individuals that police their inhabitants. Essentially town guards; these men, or woman, investigate any misdealing among the public, and when needed, have the authority to take people into custody as well as, in extreme circumstances, subdue culprits by any means necessary. Often perfectly capable of handling their own territory, it’s only when criminals flee to other cities or go into hiding that bounty notices are sent out through the PMMT and any person or persons wishing to collect are welcome too.