Goblins in the world of Ave Molech are very different than those found within other worlds. Small and lanky, they often are found with many gadgets worn about their clothing. These creatures have a high proficiency with industrial engineering and all manner of technology. They create the mechanical lifts for cities, Post Master Message Terminals, horseless carts, airships, and all manner of strange and unusual devices. Goblins are even responsible for the creation of various types of combustible weaponry. Although these Goblins are more intelligent than their previous ancestors, they have a natural resistance to magic and it’s unlikely that one would ever become a magic user of any kind. Because of their affinity with mechanical devices, the Goblins have little desire to leave the city of Hork, and instead have made their home among the other races that dwell within this kingdom. The few that have ventured out rarely do so for any reason other than to construct additional Post Master Message Terminal stations in neighboring cities or sell their inventions and blueprints to the highest bidder. The initial creators of the Credere system currently used as currency throughout the world, the Goblins in Ave Molech have gained a fondness for collecting large amounts of wealth, and with little interest in the ethics of their customers, can often be found as the investors of the majority of businesses throughout the world.