The races of Ave Molech adorn themselves in an array of clothing and accessories, from light cotton shirts and pants to thick leather coverings. Robes and coverings are usually bright and vibrant in color, with dull earth tones worn only by the financially lacking. Loose and comfortable clothing is worn by the majority, with only the harshest of climates giving cause to wear thick goose down-lined jackets. Body art and piercing are very commonplace within the world of Ave Molech, and whether rich or poor, many, elaborate pieces can be seen on all. Large hoop earrings are only the beginning, as many of the citizens in larger cities will have their lip, eyebrow, and nose, among other things, pierced with an assortment of precious metals or gems. Tattoos and even body scarring are often found to show signs of adulthood, maturity, and even strength, along with being viewed as pleasing to the eye and alluring. For soldiers and adventurers, many of these same customs still apply. Having given up on heavy mail armors due to their awkward mobility and spell hindrances, it’s rare that adventurers wear any form of chain mail and plate would not even be considered due to its encumbering nature. Although the goblins have made mechanized plate armor that allows for the use of heavy ballistics, it’s more practical for infantry in general to be covered in moon ivy or wearing heavy leather coats for quick advancements or retreats.