When the world first fell into chaos, money and wealth lost its influence and for a time those who lived on the surface bartered with one another with skins, herbs, and a variety of crafted weapons. To this day many of the nomadic tribes still use this system when trading with travelers or passing caravans. No one system completely encompasses all of Ave Molech. The people of Hork, who had once lived in proud industrious cities, had little use for money while constructing their city as all served their part in helping each other survive. In addition, the use for gold and platinum quickly diminished as stronger ores such as steel and titanium became more of a necessity. It wasn’t until Hork had been established for quite some time that the goblins, who had been keeping track of the contributions made by various individuals, would propose a system of credit to the council. The system, called Credere, was a way in which the actions of those within the city who helped build, defend its walls, or performed some function the city required could be recorded and converted into a monetary value. This currency of sorts would then allow the individual’s first access to new goods or food made available; this also required that all items found within the city be given value based on necessity. Instead of the need to carry a set amount of coins on ones person or store rare stones within chests hidden under a mattress, one can simply carry around their Account Terminal Card (or ATC for short) and use it for any day-to-day transaction. This assumes that the location of purchase uses the system and therefore has a machine connected to the Post Master Message Terminal (or PMMT for short) of Hork that can access the information held on the card. Over the years, with the population moving to the surface, the system has undergone various tweaks and adjustments, taking into account new materials and resources found throughout the world. With the records of every living beings, Credere level recorded within the Goblin database as well as the values of every imaginable item in existence being added daily, the system thrives as one of the main alternatives to engraved coin usage, a practice that has for some time started to die out. Printed currency existed well before the Hybrude invasion, and when the magic cities raised into the skies this common practice of having a physical representation of ones wealth stayed in practice. Although many mages have seen the usefulness in the Credere system and may have even created accounts within the Goblin database, the citizens of Gal still prefer to use their coins and store their jewelry within their homes and banks. Because of this many larger cities will offer C2C, or Credere to Coin, exchange services.