Body Piercing

While much of the body piercing for inhabitants in Ave Molech exist for purely cosmetic reasons, there is one that the people of the world wear to remember their history of hiding. Earrings, fabled as symbols of slavery in ancient times upon Ave Molech, are now worn by almost every inhabitant within the world. The earrings serve as a constant reminder that they were once held captive underground, above the skies, or within the Hyrude camps. Besides the earring, there are many commonplace jewelry that adorns the nostrils, bridge, septum and eyebrows. Though purely cosmetic, they are viewed as appealing and are currently extremely popular within the Northern Coastal Lands, especially New Hus. In addition to these reminders and maquillage there are also some that inspire desire or are indicative of sensuality, such as those with pierced lips, tongue, nipples, belly buttons and other sensitive areas. Though rare, it has occurred that individuals will occasionally bind spells to the metals used in creating many piercings. When this is done the magic usually becomes very faint, and because of this many spells will simply not work properly or will be too weakened to offer much use. Because of this it’d be almost impossible for more than a spell equal in power to a cantrip to be contained within a single piercing. A collection of three or four piercings in close proximity to each other or even chained together could possible combine to form a first level spell, but the result would most likely have a high chance of failure.