Body Art

Tattoos in Ave Molech serve many purposes, the rite of passage to adulthood, marks of status or rank, a decoration of bravery, or even powerful spells woven into their flesh. The etchings in their skin that display a particular motivation are usually placed within specific locations on the body. For example, military marks indicating rank within the Valisna are often shown along the left side of ones neck. Tattoos depicting an act of bravery are usually drawn upon the chest and commonly displayed by those wearing light open vests or shirts. While these are the more commonplace tattoos shown, rite of passage tattoos are not always indicated but can be seen in various places on the body depending on the origins of the person. Such cases include those from the Sahenix Desert who draw small markings along the upper cheeks to indicate adulthood, while those from Coastal lands place them on the center of the forehead. Often these markings are found on the face, and in some cases like the nomads who wonder near Hybrude territory, may even be drawn to cover the entire face. Although many people may also wear tattoos for purely cosmetic reason, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t share with you some type of story about the mark’s meaning. For these, many inhabitants choose to tell stories or display family ancestry along the center of the back, possibly covering the shoulders and lower back as well. Women more often show these types of markings than men, as many fashionable clothing exists for them that expose the area from the neck and shoulders to the lower back. However, even if the tattoo is simply cosmetic the mark would most likely have a dual purpose and serve as some protective ward or hold some spell-like ability. Since the many tattoos that contain wards or spells often require the user to touch them and speak an activation word, they are often placed within easy-to-reach areas such as the forearms and hands, though it is not uncommon that they may be placed on the legs as well, especially if they affect the speed of an individual.