Assorted Historical Documents

The following are two of the many assorted documents recovered from various excavation points, antique shops, or donated from private collections. While not all are confirmed accurate they help to depict the history of the world from different view points. Originally found in multiple parts they have been combined and translated for the purpose of this display.

Titled: Portrait of Destruction

Author: Unknown

The rain drizzled methodically, as a soft autumn breeze crossed down from the icy north. There was a flutter of light in the sky, followed by the roll of thunder, a million roaring canons all-firing at once. Lightning struck the ground, singeing the earth with explosive force, while the clouds crackled with a sound like hideous laughter. The drizzle grows stronger and stronger until it becomes a downpour upon the city below. Water rushes down the hillsides and out into the streets, thick mud from the nearby rivers clog the drains and soon all is flooded. From the ground rises a thick, blinding fog, engulfing everything, blocking any escape by road or walkway. Families light fireplaces, seeking the warmth from the flames to ward off the darkness in the air. The gray mist slowly works it’s way in the cracks and crevices of wood, a cold chill breathes into the homes, as the rain turns to an icy sleet. Hail the size of a giant’s fist comes crashing through the roofs, dowsing flames. Fires go cold, along with hopes, and the people slowly freeze. Horses can be heard in the distance, almost as if coming from the sky, yet shaking the earth beneath the ground with a violent force. Riders upon steeds with hooves of flames approach the town, with even darker thoughts in their minds. Unaffected by the cold they come, bringing more destruction with them than with any other force known to man. At this time pure chaos rises all around, as people, 8 frozen with terror, are struck down. The screams echo throughout the fog, but no quarter is shown, no mercy upon these, for the Hybrude have come. In the end, the hail slowly turns back to sleet, the people lay dead. Crumbling, blowing in the winds, and resting in the mud, all that remains are are the ashes of a city that once was. All had ended. What survivors managed to get away found nothing but barren, harsh lands, for everything now lay in ruins, buried in the dust of their former lives. Many would come to know this fear and begin to taste its madness, the ones who had died here and every other identically destroyed city across the surface of Ave Molech.

Title: Remembrance of the First Years (Partial File)

Author: Cyd Mahure, Human from New Hus

With the world having its fill of death and destruction, a few of us created shelters hidden deep underground, or raised their cities high above the clouds. We knew that never again in our lifetime would we return to the surface of Ave Molech. We had always hoped that one day the world would heal and we could return to the life we had above us. We didn’t imagine that the new creatures above would continue to hunt, and eventually find us. The digging sounds turned to scratching, nails on steal, and as we slept at night we wondered how long it would be before they breached the walls. We continued to build on, as far as we could go, and deeper still. We worked in shifts day and night, hand in hand with many other races, we were forced into a single unit; we were forced to help each other survive. We had started with but one underground city. As it expanded we found ourselves quickly losing track of who was where. We began dividing into sections and eventually as we grew, each expansion became it’s own city, and therefore its own section. Sections one through three were breached within the first year and had been collapsed in order to save the remaining five. It was then that we knew they would never give up, and then that we dug straight down. Stretching miles below the surface, Hork now sits with one hundred and seventy five Sections, cities, all connected through a series of public lifts and trams. The initial ten sections now remain collapsed, and it’s been many years since a break in the walls has occurred; yet we still build, forever sinking downwards.