A Brief History

Until recently the stench of rotting flesh and the burnt remains of a lost history were all that remained of this forsaken realm. Now the lands are beginning to heal as the world discovers itself after centuries of hardships and chaos. A world newly restored after being torn apart by its inhabitants, once condemned and dieing, now given salvation by the sacrifice of one of its own. Little is now known about the origins of the world, but that which is remembered will burn in the minds of survivors for millennia to come. In years past wars were waged. Whether over insatiable greed or a lust for power, the tyrants of the world went to many lengths to conquer and subjugate. Inevitably many seers foretold of woe and sorrow, but nothing could change fate. As war ravaged the countryside many of the ancient races, including Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and others, grew intolerable towards man’s lack of foresight and decided to leave the world for new horizons. Constructing vast fleets of ships and sailing past the farthest seas, they forever left the battered lands they once called home. The few sympathizers left behind tried to help, but ultimately became nothing more than additional pawns in a world gone mad. It was near this time that a mage renowned for his great advances in the use of magic, Eclias Onica, toiled for the world’s salvation, searching with his allies for some way to bring peace and new hope into the world. After years of research and countless failed expeditions, he discovered the sunken city of Gal, long forgotten by mortal men. In the city were many old devices created to amplify the power of those who dwelled within its walls. And it was here that Eclias used these magic amplifiers to permanently raise it to its rightful place high above the clouds for all to see. Unfortunately, Eclias’ spectacular success, which could have drawn nations together, instead became just another sight rulers wished to rule from. Many makeshift blimps and airships were purchased from goblin technicians and sailed to the city in hopes of using it as a strategic location. After much consideration, Eclias banned all travel to his city, declaring it free of turmoil and a paradise. With his immense power he was able to send any ships foolish enough to challenge him down into the oceans below. As magic and technology research grew, the mating of these two forces conceived a device known as the Arcamic. Little is known about its conception, other than that it was viewed as an abomination by some and created for the sole purpose of utterly destroying another’s enemies. The device was created using both the combined power of magic and technology. Essentially a metal sphere which is able to absorb, compress, and contain an almost infinite amount of spells, the idea was believed that with the proper spells included it would be possible to destroy an entire city’s army and citizens without having to damage the surrounding dwellings or buildings. Unfortunately this theory proved incorrect, and when the Arcamic was unleashed the magical compression technology instead amplified and changed the magic upon release. People throughout the world were randomly struck down by a surge of power that covered the land. After the initial discharged shocks of energy, the world was torn asunder, great earthquakes shook the land and the sea flooded its coasts. Uncontainable power burst forth from it scorching the clouds in the sky and shortly after the mass death caused from these disasters, much sickness swept across the land. But the worst was still to come. Multiple openings called Storms, tears in the very fabric of Ave Molech’s material plane, began to cover the world bringing in many foreign monsters and plagues from all planes of existence. Yet none of these were as horrid or tenacious as 7 the ones referred to as the Hybrude Tarea. A brutal race of humanoid beings, feeding on all in their path, the Hybrude acted as locusts traveling from world to world, acquiring new magic and technology from the races they enslaved, eventually leaving behind only death and destruction. No world had ever recovered from their tyranny. Ignoring the cries for help from those left on the surface, many schools of magic banded together to duplicate the magic amplifiers found within the city of Gal and were able to raise their schools into the heavens. After a short time a floating tower of unknown origin was soon discovered and even mages with their supposed greater insight into the workings of the world gave in to the darker side of their psyche. A power struggle over who would control the knowledge to come from within the tower soon broke out. When it appeared inevitable that a war among the skies soon threatened, Eclias, not willing to see his heavenly sanctuary ruined, took it upon himself to sink the great tower. Using the magic amplifiers, he caused the tower to fall, burrowing itself into the ground within the center of a large Hybrude outpost, forever lost. Aarden Tidugo was the only son of a warring king who, during the many battles fell in combat. When Aarden took control of Hus, a city once famed for it’s majestically high walls and elaborate architecture, he was first to see the chaos these beings brought with them. After practically leveling the city within a single night and enslaving most of his country’s citizens, he had no choice but to look for a way to save his followers. With many of the other kingdoms being overrun or consumed with fear it wasn’t hard to find support, and eventually with the help of the goblins a great underground city was constructed. Controlling a multi-race dwelling would have been impossible, and it was after the initial first sections of the city were constructed that Aarden quickly appointed the Council of Hork where a representative from each race was selected to speak on all decisions made within the underground kingdom. However, even with the council, racial tensions quickly escalated and would have caused a civil war, if it had not been for the Hybrude discovering the city. The break-in was swift and furious and Aarden was left with little choice but to act quickly. Collapsing a few sections of the city along with its entrance, Hork was forever sealed off from the surface. As the goblins took charge of construction operations, and with the help of Formians, an ant-like race of humanoids, this new multi-racial society was able to burrow vast tunnels and lifts far below the surface. Ever digging and building downward and outward, the city grew immeasurable in size, able to accommodate each race’s own desire for a place of their own. Few survived on the surface of Ave Molech. Either killed in battle or forced into slave labor for the Hybrude, they felt angered and abandoned by the ones whom they referred to as “Those Gone Above and Below”. Tortured and tormented with Hybrude experiments and devices, or even hunted for sport, all hope was removed from these leftovers. Cursed by fate to be hunted from birth and plagued till death. To be a decoy while others fled, to be a living shield for some, or to simply die. All had indeed seemed lost. It wasn’t until several centuries later when a magic user known only as Talon came into immense power that the world would begin to heal. After betraying and murdering the ancient black dragon Sharess, a being considered celestial by her followers and who he had sworn allegiance too, he combined her very life’s essence to his own. With this power he was able to close many of the Storms leading to other dimensions and cripple the Hybrude invasion. In addition it was he who was able to raise the city of Hork, exposing life to the world once again. But as quickly as he came, he drifted away, with many unsure as to whether he still lives or is dead. And it is at this time that we now enter the world of Ave Molech, a place yearning for heroes to continue to push back the Hybrude, seek out new places of growth for their peoples home, and rediscover the world they have only heard stories about.